Oceana Jasper

Aerial views of the ocean spring to mind when designing the Oceana Jasper. A bright mix of blues, reds, browns, yellows, and greens compose the agate, brass and quartz pendant piece.

14k gold-filled brass and 16k gold-plated anchored by a matte gold-plated bar, the agate/quartz stone measures at 40-45mm x 55-58mm with the necklace length hanging between 32-34".

Due to the natural characteristics of the stone, no two necklaces are the same and each statement pendant will be unique.

Care Instructions: Clean as often as needed using soft, buffing cloth to ensure shine and prevent tarnishing. Avoid excessive exposure to saltwater, sunlight, sweat. Store in a cool, dry place. Climate and individual levels of pH in skin may cause the piece to oxidize over time.

Collections: Classic Collection, Past Collections

Category: Necklaces

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