Our Story

Meaning "laughter," Kicheko designs and makes distinctive pieces that invest in education

How It Works

Our brand's social impact program began with a scholarship program working directly with Mango Tree School, a primary school based in Uvira that educates over 200 students in the South Kivu province. Our first education partnership, Kicheko combats this cycle by working with the school to identify students who are most in need and working with families to ensure that their children stay in school year round.

Currently, our social impact program has evolved and our program contributes to various education-based charities and nonprofits in the U.S.


Design Process

The design process begins with the creation of white space often on a silent walk or people watching with my computer and sketchbook (and a coffee or glass of wine in hand). After the sketch process, I go back to my studio and play with materials looking for weight, balance, color and aesthetic. Creating a draft design and testing the design over a determined period of time, the next step is to meticulously source materials. Once everything arrives, the production, finishing, polishing takes place in our D.C. studio.

Our staple ingredients are metal, wood, and fiber. Other favored materials include stone, deer tine, ceramic, and leather. It is important to us to know who we work with, and as much as possible we strive to work with ethical and excellent suppliers and manufacturers.

Each product type is debuted in small batches. Depending on the product's resonance, the decision is made for a second batch and restock. This design model has allowed us the freedom and ability to respond nimbly to design multiple collections in a year, collaborate with artists and institutions, and create one a kind pieces. 

Sarah Bayot

Moving to Washington, D.C. for college in 2003, Sarah calls the District home. Known for her big smile and eclectic range of interests, Sarah loves exploring the city, a good glass of wine, dining out, and travel. With a Masters in International Affairs & Development, extensive volunteer experience abroad, and a love of art + social impact businesses, Kicheko grew from a side hustle project to a full-time venture.

When not working on Kicheko or traveling, Sarah is working on designing her home in Anacostia, loves to spend time with her husband and toddler, and can be found watching Netflix and movies with a glass of wine.

Where to Find Us

Brookland Arts Walk

716 Monroe St Ne

Studio 3

Washington, DC 20017

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